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Kochie’s Business Builder’s Interview – Networking For Business

Kochie’s Business Builders -TV Segment with Julia Palmer 15th March 2009

Julia Palmer Quoted in…

“Part of the problem is that networking is a dirty word here. People see it as connected to selling and that is not it at all. True networking is building relationships with people with common or complimentary interests to yours, with a view that one day, down the road, you might be able to assist one another.”
9to5 Careers
“It’s not the size of your business network that counts, it’s who’s in it”
Sydney Morning Herald
“Networking is a vital part of building up a mortgage broking business….Most people have been taught the wrong way to network or not been taught at all!”
MPA Magazine
“With a growing trend towards the reliance on technology, we are fast forgetting the importance of traditional business methods. Despite the best gadgets and the cleverest of marketing campaigns, nothing will ever replace networking as a true qualifier for creating and managing business relationships.”
Kochie’s Business Builders
“Business relationships take time to develop. Don’t expect relationships to be instantly profitable. Networking is not just the selling and buying process. People discuss ideas, interact and learn.”
“People put a lot of pressure on themselves when they go to a Networking Function, thinking they have to bring back a sale. Don’t treat networking like a sales chore, think of it as a long term marketing tactic and opportunity to build relationships with a wide variety of people, with the ultimate goal being referrals and word of mouth business.”
The Age
“It is too late to build a relationship when you need it most… Do some research before accepting an invitation to an event to establish if you really should attend at all. If you are attending a work function with work colleagues, split up and meet some new people.”
Career One
“Companies spend a lot of money on staging events or sending their people to events, but if your staff are in the room and they don’t know how to communicate, then it’s a huge waste of money.”
MX Newspaper
“We teach participants how to create a personalised networking strategy. One that is relevant to them, their personality and their business objectives. In addition to this, we provide one-on-one mentoring and training for those who prefer a more bespoke approach, which include us accompanying clients to functions.”
Kochie’s Business Builders

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