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Netships Mentor

Julia Palmer provides One on One Mentoring for a select number of for business professionals

Her approach combines industry expertise, psychology, neurology and business knowledge to propel you forwards in reaching your networking (and professional development) goals.

Through working closely with individual clients she understands and build on existing strengths and eliminates any obstacles or barriers, thus achieving and accelerating networking success.

Personal experience is combined with International certifications and qualifications to successfully coach senior management and business professionals to refine and polish their networking and communication skills.

Mentoring Programs vary depending on the level of contact required by each client.

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“Thank you very much for your patience and persistence. I am not only a better Manager now I am a better person. The concepts and skills you have introduced me to are very effective in my professional life but also in my personal life”
Senior Manager, NRMA Motoring & Services

“Thank you for generously sharing your insights and knowledge!  I walked away feeling much more confident and in control knowing that I had a plan to work with to achieve our relationship management goals and believing that we can now take CCA to that next level.”
Chief Executive Officer, Crohn’s & Colitis Australia™

“The development was like being open to a new sense, having a sixth sense, if you will. Through this program, I have built strong relationships with my customers and experienced the influence that I have built. I am now comfortable and confident in my role …I highly recommend this program for anyone who is even contemplating improving his or her interpersonal skills, be it for professional or personal use”
Project Officer, Sydney Water

“I will always be beyond truly appreciative of your mentoring—you have helped me in so many different ways and I am still amazed at how much we could accomplish in such a short space of time…what you have helped me overcome and the skills you possess that have enabled you to provide this help are nothing short of inspiring…”
Member Services Team Manager, Manchester Unity

“I now have the confidence to attend events on my own. I can walk into the room, start a conversation and build a connection with others, leaving with valuable contacts. Since working with you my professional and personal network has grown to over 200 people”
Learning & Development Manager, Manchester Unity