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by working with individuals to refine their soft, social and emotional skills

I Help Organisations Build Human Relational Capability



Julia Palmer Networking Speaker Relatus

"I believe relationships matter and networks are powerful!

Now is the time to develop great habits and invest in your networking relationships"


Julia Palmer has dedicated her career to cleaning up the negative connotation of the word ‘networking’. Her career involved global travel and organising hundreds of conferences in all industries. Selling millions of dollars of sponsorships and partnerships along the way, she believes firmly in the effectiveness of networking as a critical career skill.


She has authored three books 'Relationship Networks- The Future of Business' ‘Schmoozing the Globe’ and ‘BUZZ’ ~ Inspiration to attract, leverage and retain profitable business relationships.


She has contributed chapters to 2 more; ‘World’s Next Practice’ and ‘Emerging Trends in Professional Selling

Relationship Networks book cover.png


Julia presents the learned skill of creating and managing viable networks through fostering on networking relationships (or netships as she has coined them).


She is regarded as a refreshing, engaging and compelling speaker at functions and conferences around the world.


Best of all, she has a deep understanding of customising speeches based on job title, industry and culture.



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