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"One of the most valuable—if not the most valuable—skills of the future will be relational intelligence. We can see this shift happening in the business world, as organizations change their focus from production, efficiency, process, and performance to authenticity, belonging, trust, empathy, and transparency." 

Steve Saccone, author of Relational Intelligence: How Leaders Can Expand Their Influence.

Relationship Intelligence (RQ) Coaching

Delivered One on One or in small team groups. 

This interactive, customised and feedback driven program will tackle every angle leaving you with a strategy for implementation and ongoing goal achievement.

Given the focus is on connecting through relationships, you will develop an expanded awareness of your verbal and non verbal impact, deepen your emotional intelligence and expand your influence

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What clients say...

“Thank you very much for your patience and persistence. I am not only a better Manager now I am a better person.
The concepts and skills you have introduced me to are very effective in my professional life but also in my personal life”

Senior Manager | NRMA Motoring & Services

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