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The Future is Human 

Recently described as “A woman of her time”, Julia’s message is important now more than ever!

The drastically changing global playing field, technology takeover and organisational shuffle (flattening of hierarchies) is leading to the rise of networks of teams and expanded connectivity.

Julia works with all job titles in all industries to help them develop their soft, social and emotional skills to give them the human advantage.

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Julia loves working with each audience to meet their needs and has never memorised any presentation!

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Explore building and nurturing Relationships in a more virtual world


As we come through the Covid cloud of uncertainty and realise what the new world looks like, it would be remiss to think we can do this alone. Networks have always been a big component of how we get things done, however now more than ever we need to deepen our relationships and think about how we create new opportunities (before it is too late).


The Perfect Strategy 


It’s no secret that the way we work has been significantly challenged. Just focussing on the customer is not good enough; to succeed every individual and therefore the wider organisation, needs a holistic strategy to create unbreakable bonds between all networks. 


Reap The Rewards


In an increasingly digitised and automated world, robust professional networks and relational capabilities will be your advantage both professionally and personally. Fast becoming the most critical asset an organisation has, a network does come down to each individual and therefore an investment in that person's social, soft and emotional skills is critical


Future Proof Yourself

The value of aligning with the right people is vital to success! For anyone that manages both strategic and operational relationships, so much of your effectiveness depends on others. This session is imperative to those that want to understand the impact of social capital, accelerate their visibility and harness their internal and external networks.


Get The Human Advantage

The best advantage you have in business (& life) is to be genuinely you! Unfortunately so many people struggle with self confidence, being themselves and putting themselves out in the open. This session helps you understand the active role you play in creating and managing networks that work.


Skills for Strategic Relationships

Great opportunities are found in great networks. This session will focus on personal branding and how to promote yourself within your network (both existing and potential). If 75% of people believe their networks do NOT support the results they need, what actions can you take to beat the odds?


Does your network work for you?

Aimed at Graduates, Future Leaders, High Potential's.
How do you stand out from the crowd and have people remember you? Are you perceived as polished, professional and friendly? Your personal brand is the message you send and the message that others receive about you.


Audience Applauding

“We have had the good fortune to have Julia Palmer present her interactive workshops at a number of our Executive groups since 2016. Her sessions are packed full of insights, case studies and practical tips that our groups felt invaluable, and she is one of the highest rated speakers we’ve had over the last 5 years.
Julia’s presentations deliver a great outcome for Leadership Think Tank, and a great outcome for our members. I highly recommend Julia as a presenter – she’s thoughtful, engaging and, most importantly, credible.”


Director, Leadership Think Tank

Clapping Audience

“Julia has the ability to teach a difficult skill to anybody, and at every level. It says a lot when people say they remember what was taught days after they’ve walked away from the event, which says a lot about the person whom had conducted the workshop and importantly HOW it was taught.”

Recoveries & Credit Risk Management, Business Banking, NAB

Audience Applauding

“Julia Palmer is an inspiring keynote speaker and facilitator. Over the years and through the various organisations where I have managed capability development, Julia has facilitated numerous events – from short keynotes to extended programmes. In all of these, the common thread is that Julia actively listens, asks discerning questions and then tailors the programme to align with corporate and business imperatives.
Julia is an absolute delight to work with, extremely professional and nothing is ever too onerous."

Learning & Development Manager, A&NZ at DTZ

Julia Palmer Business Networking Academy

Speaking Highlights;


  • Julia presented her new keynote ‘Face to Face Revolution’ at TEDx Darling Harbour and was voted ‘best talk of the day’ by the audience.

  • Julia is the Kochie’s Business Builder Networking Expert. Julia presented live at the KBB Boot Camp and has appeared in several episodes on the Channel 7 over the years.

  • Julia Guest Lectures at Universities such as UTS, UNSW and MGSM

  • Julia presented at the International Talent Management Conference in Abu Dhabi. The only Australian speaker on an International Agenda, leading change for the future of talent management

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All Videos

All Videos
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Julia Palmer HunterNet Future Leaders 2021

Julia Palmer HunterNet Future Leaders 2021

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Julia_Palmer_Showcase 2011-web

Julia_Palmer_Showcase 2011-web

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Kochie's Business Builders -TV segment with Julia Palmer 15th March 2009

Kochie's Business Builders -TV segment with Julia Palmer 15th March 2009

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